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Have Ducks, Will Travel

what the duck? Aug 01, 2021

Yes, it's true. The Dream Team travels with me quite often.

Why?  Well they like it, especially when I play their theme song (Music Credit to Ja Rule, Livin' It Up.)

All kidding aside - and more importantly - I like it! The ducks keep me laughing and smiling along the route. And they give me reasons to stop in small towns, little parks or anywhere else I feel like it in search of potential photo ops and race venues.

Sound silly? That's OK. It probably looks silly too.

But you know what? I'm OK with that.

One of the first lessons I learned from the ducks was this:

Be willing to look stupid to find your joy. 
Most people are jealous THEY don’t have the courage to laugh, play and find bliss in the moment. So, grab your net, get out your ducks and wade, swim or waddle toward the deep end of the pond.

Yeah, I've waded into the deep end. But instead of drowning down here, I'm diving deeper into joy than I may ever have before. 

Want to learn more? Read the earlier articles or pick up a copy of Break Through: Wisdom of the Soul (here or on Amazon.) If ordered through this site, your copy of Break Through comes with two compact, yellow rubber ducks to splash around with in the pool, bath or lake. 

What the Duck? Has Felicia Quacked Up?