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BREAKING! Uni Has Disappeared

what the duck? May 01, 2020
Uni IRDR Headshot

In an odd turn of events, one of our racers has gone missing. The beloved rainbow unicorn competitor, a two-time veteran of the Impromptu Rubber Duck Regatta - affectionately known is "Uni" - failed to show up for the team's morning roll call. He was last seen cavorting with his co- competitors last evening around 1 AM and no one has heard from him. Seemingly he has vanished with no trace. Race organizers state they not making any accusations but are concerned about his whereabouts.

"We know he was feeling a bit despondent about his third-place finish yesterday, especially after the disappointing conditions and DNF for the race on Sunday. We just hope he hasn't done something foolish."

At the time of this writing, initial search efforts were underway. Race organizers and his racing compatriots are holding out hope for his health and safety.

If you have any information concerning Uni's whereabouts, please share them below. We will post more as the story develops.





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