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Doing What is Right vs. Doing What is Right for You

Note: The picture above was taken in a moment when I was "supposed" to be doing something else, but listened to my heart and soul instead. Life is a little busy at the moment. In fact, recording an episode of Opening the Gate is totally not what I need to be doing this morning, and at a moment when I am working to meet a huge deadline. That is what makes this episode SO perfect; because it is a living example of listening to my own advice. Perhaps this episode will encourage you to do the same in your life. And with that, I hope you enjoy another sample from my book, Sunflower Wisdom.


I recently saw this quote from Hafiz: "Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive." It made me think about how many things we do in life which don't make us feel great or happy to be doing them.

Have you ever been faced with a personal choice of doing what you "should" do, ought to do, or what was the "right" thing versus listening to your heart, intuition, or even divine guidance and doing what was intended?

Of course, you have. Probably.

To be clear, I'm not talking about smacking that totally obnoxious person at the grocery store upside the head instead of smiling patiently while they loudly talk on their cell phone in the checkout line. Or devouring an entire box of Krispy Kreme's instead of having a lovely, low-fat bran muffin for breakfast.

Those are impulses guided by impatience, frustration, hunger, or boredom which would feel satisfying in the moment but could result in serious injury or jail time with the former - and perhaps a need for larger pants with the latter.

No, I am talking about listening to the call of your heart or soul to create the life you desire instead of doing what other people think you should do because it fits into the picture of your life THEY have for you.

It’s about feeling the pull towards something greater than you ever thought you could do or be and listening to it instead of the opinions of those who said it would be impossible or a failure.

It’s doing what is in line with your most authentic self instead of staying with the status quo. And sometimes - unfortunately - it is about disappointing or hurting others by loving yourself more than anyone else or ever before.

True, there are some people who are complete rule followers: those who always think of others first or who - without fail – take the correct action even if it’s not what they want or need.

But doing the "right" thing - while considerate, nice, and perhaps caring - could also be an act of giving up your spirit or essence one piece at a time instead of deepening your connection to yourself and the life you were meant to live. Sounds like a slow march to dissatisfaction and resentment to me.

If you are facing a choice between what is "right" versus what is right for you, the advice I can offer is this:

Choose to do, have and be a part of things that make your heart sing, your body tingle, and your spirit soar. Allow yourself to FEEL life and get swept away in the wonder and awesomeness of YOU and everything around you. Look for the amazing and incredible whenever possible. Refuse to settle for or focus on the average and status quo.

Be willing to break a few rules to do what is RIGHT for you. As Grace Hopper and many others have said, "It is better to ask for forgiveness than permission." If you wait for everyone else to tell you it is OK to do that which you are destined to do, you may never do it.


I give you permission…and forgive you😊

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