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Everyone Needs a Coach, Even a Coach!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Recently, one of my business coaches reminded me recently of the need to make it easier for my clients to do business with me - a tip I also share with my coaching clients and students. Funny how we often have to learn the things we teach, isn't it?!

Anyway, after she gave me this valuable nudge, I realized I had a few things on my new website, current scheduling system, and recently added shopping cart which was keeping people from buying easily from me.

Example 1: On my old website I didn't have a shopping cart at all but rather used Paypal links for my services and products. This was better than nothing, but did not allow for people to view all my products and services in one place. It also limited people to using Paypal, a service I know some folks are not fond of.

I'm transitioning away from the old website and domain to this one ( which is already SO much better! However, the old one is still stuck with the old problems so there's more work to do as it will still be active for another side of my business. There's always something!

Example 2: The payment processing connected to my online scheduler was not activated. So if someone got to my schedule and hadn't already paid for a coaching session, they'd have to go back to my schedule to get it or wait to pay me during the session which is not ideal. (Side note, I still need to give those who purchase coaching some kind of navigation to find my schedule just in case they haven't found it yet.)

Example 3: In looking at my shopping cart more carefully, I also noticed I originally had it set up to be accessible only by password. What? Like you need a secret code to buy my stuff? Talk about ineffective!

I'm hopeful that someday my coaching and other services will be so in demand that you have to "know someone" to be able to buy. But until that day comes, the password requirement is gone, and my store is open to the world.

And you know what? With the mindset shift of making sure I am easy to do business with - and a few small tweaks - came my very first sale through the newly added and opened shopping cart. It came from a very special, returning client who brings abundance to my life and business through more than just the dollars she spends. So thankful to my coach and friend for helping me open the literal gateway to financial abundance!

Yes, it's true. Everyone needs a coach - even coaches! I actually work with several coaches on different aspects of my business. Doing so helps me get fresh perspectives on what I am doing, ideas for reaching my goals, and ideas for making my efforts faster, less expensive, more effective, and/or more rewarding.

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