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A collection of personal musings and essays written by best-selling author, Felicia Brown, which explore the curiosities of life. As both a seeker and (over) thinker, Brown looks not only for the meaning contained inside the events she experiences, but also for the hidden lessons, wisdom, and gifts.


“I’m not sure when I started this practice,” Brown says, “but have been writing about my life since I was a pre-teen, perhaps after I was first given a diary. I think journaling itself eventually gives way to reflection and introspection, particularly if you are prone to re-reading what you’ve committed to the page. Certainly, writing these personal notes as well as more public blogs and articles has been a tool for my own growth and healing. This has been especially helpful as a means to look backward to see ‘where I was’ in the past and to see (hopefully) how far I’ve progressed forward since those words were written. Writing is also a way for me to process all the half-formed thoughts floating between my ears and bouncing off the neurons. Sometimes, as I take the time to get everything down, to sort details and remember nuances, I find something really wonderful shimmering up at me from the page.”


Brown invites readers deep into her heart and healing journey with stories from all areas of her life. In particular, she shares insights and experiences of overcoming adversity, fear, self-doubt, loss and grief to find courage, confidence, inspiration, forgiveness and peace. Her words are authentic and provide many opportunities to learn how to move from difficulties and dark times back into the light.

Sunflower Wisdom: Find & Follow the Light in Your Life

SKU: 978-1726876711
  • Felicia Brown

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