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During Pandemic

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What the Duck!
Has Felicia Quacked Up?

The spring of 2020 brought many changes to the world. For Felicia Brown, this included the unexpected closure of her successful wellness spa and layoff of thirty employees during the pandemic lockdown. While trying to remain outwardly upbeat and positive, Felicia was inwardly crushed by severe anxiety, paralyzing panic and deep depression. Unable to reach out for help - yet desperate to reconnect with happier moments and memories - she turned to an unlikely activity: racing rubber ducks in her backyard creek.

Through this completely spontaneous and seemingly silly activity, Felicia discovered previously unexperienced levels of joy - and some unexpectedly wise teachers! The Dream Team - Quicky, Quacky, MC Killer, Little Red and Uni - have taken Felicia (and often her husband, David) on unexpected adventures in their yard and around the country.  The ducks now make regular appearances in Felicia's writing, speaking engagements, and television appearances to share their light-hearted wisdom with the world. In Quacking Up, Felicia brings those lessons to life while sharing a glimpse into her challenges and chuckles along the way.


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Early Reviews 


Quacking Up is inspiring and hopeful. I loved it! The story is a good reminder that we are not alone, and perfect for anyone who is struggling, trying to succeed or working to re-invent themselves.

Tarah Jakubiak
The Allergic 



Quacking Up by Felicia Brown is a great reminder of how the simplest things in life can bring profound joy. This book is great for anyone feeling frustrated, stuck or overwhelmed with life. No matter your circumstances, you will enjoy this story. 

Denise R Fuller
Licensed Esthetician & Founder
National Esthetic Spa Network (NASNPRO)



I just read Quacking Up, an amazing little book by Felicia Brown. There was so much inspiration, hope and wisdom packed into these few pages that it instantly changed my outlook and perspective. 

Joanna Godwin
Lazy River Duck Race



In Quacking Up, Felicia reminds us that everything is a teacher and we can learn the best life lessons when we aren't taking things too seriously.  I think all of us type-A entrepreneurs need this reminder to stop taking ourselves so seriously and reconnect to the joy of the simple and silly.

Alisha Wielfaert
Founder, Yoke and Abundance
Host, Wise Women Podcast 



Thank you for sharing your story Felicia, I could relate on so many levels! I know that your journey out of despair and into quacking up will be an inspiration to many people. Thank you for the encouragement to live more joyfully and playfully.

Gael Wood 
Author, Course Creator and Success Coach
Elevate with Gael



In Quacking Up, Felicia Brown takes us on a personal journey through a dark tunnel to the sunshine on the other side. Anyone who needs to be reminded of life essentials like “The little things in life are the big things” must read this story and keep it handy. You never know when you’ll need to battle the forces of darkness with a rubber duck.

James E. Moore Jr.
Alesha - An award-winning Sci-Fi short



Oh, what a delight Quacking Up, by Felicia Brown proved to be. Brown details the story of how she used a simple little rubber duck as her one thing that made her smile, that brought the tiniest bit of joy back to a world gone mad. Brava on a job well done and for making this reader smile.

Lynn Chandler Willis

Wink of an Eye, and the Ava Logan Mystery Series



Transparent, funny and REAL!! Felicia’s ability to share her personal account of what so many people have been dealing with pre and post COVID is refreshing and confirming that we are not alone. The steps from the Dream Team are essential for anyone who needs to be reminded that there is joy in simplicity and singular moments.

Jamye W. Bridges
Spa Director
The Spa at Grandover



I love a good story, especially one that gives you a hug and a kick in the pants at the same time. As I read Quacking Up, I found myself nodding my head as I recognized myself in the story. Felicia’s words lifted me up and carried me across the finish line of a new mindset, just as the little ducks did for her.

Angie Dubis
Massage Industry Educator



Reading Felicia Brown’s Quacking Up provided some insight into the thoughts and feelings I experienced during the three months I was isolated from family, friends, and clients. I truly enjoyed this silly and also profound journey into my own psyche through the lens of rubber ducks racing in a backyard stream. 

Aten Phoenix Doukas
Healing Arts Wellness Coaching


“Quacking Up” is a brilliant account of one woman’s transformation from hopelessness to purpose, gloom to joy. Felicia’s beautiful story helped me by removing myself from my own overwhelm for a moment and reminded me how important it is to play, be silly, be in the moment.

Schroeder Nordholt
Composer & Voice Coach


Quacking Up is a relatable story for anyone who is feeling lost or stuck in these uncertain times and looking for a way up and out. Felicia's Impromptu Rubber Duck Regatta saga will make you smile and may even inspire you to take ONE small (possibly silly) step to find your own joy.

Paula Morrow
Dream Team Fan Club



I really enjoyed reading Felicia’s story Quacking Up. Her desire to do something fun and playful like having a duck race was inspiring and demonstrates its ok to try to be happy during challenging times. Like she says… “It’s OK to look silly to find your joy.”

Debra K

Well World TV



Almost every one of us has experienced deep, dark moments of despair. When life as we know it cannot even be imagined, Felicia reminds us in Quacking Up that the best way to dig ourselves out is to focus on doing ONE THING. And when ya can add laughter into the process — life is even sweeter.

Irene Diamond
Business Success Coach
The Diamond Method



I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Felicia and Uni. They both are incredibly joyful. Their combined stories have inspired me to find my “one thing.”

Mike Davis

April Fool’s Day Open 


It can be difficult to find joy when there doesn’t seem to be any. Felicia Brown has taken a delightful memory, and in an attempt to recreate it, found happiness, confidence and opportunity, all with the help of a few rubber ducks and their adventures.    

Crystal A. Howard, LMT
Executive President
Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA)