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A little about Felicia

Hi I'm Felicia Brown. I'm a Business, Marketing & Life Coach, Speaker and Best Selling Author who is passionate about helping others succeed in life and business. I love sharing my business, marketing and "life management" expertise to help heart-centered, wellness-based professionals.  

I've overcome some major challenges in my life.  Some were more personal in nature: growing up in poverty as a child of divorce; losing my parents and grandparents at at early age; living with chronic pain; and experiencing burnout to name a few.

Others were professional: starting multiple businesses with no money and/or no credit; closing businesses after the recession and due to COVID; and rebuilding from scratch after bankruptcy.

Through it all, I've learned to be persistent, optimistic, and resourceful to reach my goals. I've found what some would perceive as hardships were actually some of the most powerful teachers I've encountered.

To your success!


Felicia has been described as... 

  • Compassionate, focused, and supportive 
  • Authentic, relatable, and inspiring
  • Open minded and non judgmental
  • Excellent mentor and teacher
  • Experienced business owner
  • Genuine, knowledgeable, and highly professional
  • Organized, experienced, and absolutely brilliant
  • Enthusiastic and insightful
  • Honest, open, and supportive
  • Patient and present
  • A wonderful motivator
  • Having the heart of a healer and the mind
    of an entrepreneur

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Felicia is passionate about...

  • Helping others succeed
  • Spreading LOVE, light and positivity
  • Being kind and compassionate
  • Sharing her wisdom and experience
  • Offering insight and inspiration to those who want it
  • Being connected to nature
  • rubber ducks! More info here:-)

As a Coach and Mentor, my Goal is to help You:

  • Clarify the goals and vision for your life and business
  • Increase your confidence in solving problems and making decisions
  • Brainstorm ideas to move to the finish line on whatever goals you set
  • Strengthen your business and marketing skills and strategies
  • Attract and retain your ideal clients and/or team
  • Build a rewarding, satisfying, and profitable business 
  • Avoid common (& often costly) mistakes, errors, and frustrations 
  • Prevent or recover from "small business burnout"

In short, I'm here to help you TAKE ACTION to create a life and career you love - and one which will support your body, mind, spirit (and bank account.) If you are ready to work with someone who will guide, support and empower you on your journey, I'd love to work with you!

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