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From The Heart

with Felicia & Gael

From The heart

with Felicia & Gael

This podcast was born out of a conversation we had where we were discussing our challenges. We realize they are a lot of the same things our clients experience:

  • The fear of not being enough

  • Having imposter syndrome

  • Feeling like everyone else is doing everything better than us

We worry about not wanting to be too salesy on certain projects, how to reinvent ourselves when one area isn't working, and trying to do everything perfectly.

Funny, before we even shared our first episode of the podcast, we reinvented it because we saw a lot of the above issues manifested, and we were trying too hard. So, what you hear here is authentic, unscripted, and REAL--just like what we wanted to create in the first place.


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Felicia and Gael sitting together in a park

Listen to our latest episode here

Felicia and Gael standing together in a park
Felicia and Gaelposing and reaching toward each other
Felicia and Gael posing at a fence in a park
Felicia and Gael posing at a bridge in a park
Felicia and Gael posing at a tree in a park
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