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"Felicia was extremely accommodating to my schedule for our consulting sessions. We primarily worked on developing HR systems with onboarding new employees. 

If you are needing help with goal setting, human resources related concerns, marketing strategies, and any overall spa management concerns, I highly recommend calling Felicia Brown."

Lauren Parks, Blush & Bashful Spa

"Felicia has helped me clarify my budget, time, and clientele. This has helped to build my confidence and work through the steps I need to take to make my business flourish."

Natalie Voss, Voss Massage Therapy

"I went from 25% busy to 75% busy using Felicia's no nonsense practical coaching assistance. Her nurturing approach were welcome and I appreciated her professional insight from someone in the business. She really knew what I needed to do quickly and efficiently to make a difference in my bottom line."

Joan Sinrich, In-Town Massage

"In our very first session, Felicia really listened to me and reflected back to me what I was saying. She helped me create some frequently asked questions and answers for my website based on what she heard me say. Felicia also offered me sound advice on how to set up my coaching packages, and how to get testimonials from clients. I would highly recommend Felicia to anyone who is starting a new coaching business or looking to grow their existing business."

"Felicia is such a great asset to our profession. She has just the right balance of structure and freedom in her class, she is very generous with her time and knowledge, and knows how to maximize a group dynamic. I was in a place of overwhelming creativity, and she was just what I needed to figure out what my goals were and where I should focus. You have no idea how much you will accomplish when you have someone to be accountable to. It is like having a work out partner. You don't want to let them down, but in the end it's you that gains!

Nicole Kerner Dietrick
Massage Therapist
Ellenton, FL


"Before working with Felicia I was only getting 4 appointments a month. On the last week of class I had 4 appointments booked for that week and already have them rebooked for next month. I know there will be ups and downs along the way but this class has given me the confidence that I can continue to grow as a massage therapist. I have learned to fail forward, learn from my mistakes and keep going."

David Proulx
Massage Therapist
West Boylston, MA

"Before the class, I felt that my peers and folks who knew me thought this business was just something for me to fill the time/ mothers hours... and it was kinda true. But I really wanted to be thought of as a professional. Since (I took) this class and am really thinking about where I want to go and grow, my business has cleared the air and made me more confident. Now when I talk about my business, when someone asks, I tell them. My friends and clients are really happy and excited in the direction I am going. I am really feeling like I am - and am being seen as - a professional :-)

Joanne Wright
Kennebunk, MA


"Thank you for helping me take my business to another level. Thank you for being prolific in your craft."

Dionne Phillips, D’Lashes, Los Angeles, CA


"A speaker we will bring back again and again."

"Felicia has spoken at both in-person GMA seminars and virtual webinars. Her sessions are always well attended and engaging. She displays strong business knowledge and a clear desire to help others. Those qualities, combined with her energy and ability to draw in an audience, make her a speaker we will bring back again and again. Thanks Felicia!"

Holly Smith
Operations/Program Manager

"Felicia is always a wonderful addition to our International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference educational programs. She presents relevant and timely topics in a manner that attendees connect with and appreciate. Felicia speaks from the side of actual experience, which makes her content relatable and actionable. She is a delight to work with and I highly recommend her as a speaker. "

Diane Waltersdorf 
Conference Director | IECSC 
Questex LLC 


"Felicia Brown has been instrumental in the success of each ONE Concept American and Canadian Massage Conferences. The ONE Concept Group sought Felicia's expertise and she participated in every way including administration, marketing, production and hosting of interviews promoting conferences. She's appeared frequently as an educator and has been an expert on numerous panels. Felicia is a true professional in every sense of the word and truly makes everyone around her better. Speaking for our group, it's been a pleasure in everyday to work with Felicia and we look forward to more opportunities."

Scott Dartnall RMT 
President and CEO
ONE Concept Inc.



"Felicia is a joy to work with. She is organized, prepared and has a passion for what she does. Her classes with Premiere have been well addended, and engaging for students. I'd highly recommend Felicia to any business, event or organization looking for a speaker who will inspire and ignite passion in their attendees. Felicia is a trustworthy source for education and speaking opportunities! "

Nicole Payne
Education Coordinator
Premiere Show Group


"I highly recommend Felicia Brown as a speaker for any audience. From the moment we first talked I felt a part of her world. She invited me in, shared with vulnerability and created a comfort and ease around our conversation. On my show she was engaging, highly informative, relatable and shared her real self and real-life stories which captivated the audience."

Nancy V. Presser
A Betty Life Founder

"Your presentation was an inspiration of
hope, wellness, self-determination and resilience."

Thank you for participating as a speaker for the new program Guilford County is offering to assist employees with managing their wellness. Your presentation was an inspiration of hope, wellness, self-determination and resilience. Employees who work in stressful environments, such as Emergency Services, Public Health, Social Services, Child Support, Animal Services and Law Enforcement said your willingness to share your personal experience and wellness journey made you relatable to all in attendance and helped reduce the stigma often associated to trauma, physical, and mental health. We are grateful for you sharing and demonstrating wellness strategies as it contributed each person becoming more engaged in their individualized wellness plan. I will recommend you with confidence to other organizations seeking a speaker for health and wellness programs and events. 

Daphne Taylor, MSW
HR Sr. Training & Development Specialist
Guilford County Human Resources

"I would recommend Felicia to anyone needing some guidance; be it starting a business, growing one, or just needing some fresh ideas to jump-start your passion again. The skill used to share techniques and strategies is firm but laced with gentleness so it does not come across as a drill sergeant’s orders would, but rather like she’s planting a seed that with some nurturing not only sprouts but blossoms beyond expectations.”

Elaine Phillips, LMBT
Hand in Harmony Massage

“I recently had a meeting and an initial consultation from Felicia. She is a very genuine person and highly professional and knowledgeable in her field. Filling out her initial questionnaire alone was enough to make me start thinking differently and initiating changes/improvements to my business. If your massage business is struggling, you definitely should talk to Felicia. What a great resource to have (and in my own “back yard” too!)”

Roy Alderman, LMBT
Alderman Massage

“We are a small day spa on the Western Slope of Colorado.  We started as practitioners who struggled to figure it out as we turned our practice into a day spa. Felicia has helped us to feel proud of what we have accomplished and has seamlessly become a part of our team.  Her organized sessions and follow-up keep us focused and accountable. She brings to the table her knowledge both as a spa owner who has personally experienced both failures and incredible successes. That experience, along with her work with other businesses like ours allow her to provide ideas and suggestions that are consistently on-target with what we are trying to accomplish and at times seem absolutely brilliant.”

Cindy Donohue & Connier Trosper
Main Street Essentials

"I engaged Felicia Brown to give me marketing consultation for my therapeutic massage practice. The value she offered was tremendous. She has rich and substantial experience and the consult gave me ideas I am still implementing.”

Anora McGaha
Clear Sight Creative Resources

“Felicia Brown truly enjoys helping and seeing others reach their full potential, both in terms of financial success and personal satisfaction. Her enthusiasm and practical advice can motivate anyone–and is especially useful to those people who are at a standstill and don’t know how to get back on track. Her insight is the result of having done it all herself–she speaks from personal experience.”

Laura Allen, LMBT

“While searching for a Spa Director position, I approached Felicia to evaluate my experience and skill set, and provide guidance for my next steps in the industry. I found her to be very honest and open with the advice she provided, along with lots of support and enthusiasm for our industry. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an unbiased opinion, backed by years of experience.”

Mehnaz Ahmad
Marketing Committee Member
Leading Spas of Canada

“Felicia excels at coaching for business owners and staff. She is a wonderful trainer who engages staff and creates excellent results. She can take your business to the next level.  I highly recommend her work.”

Judi Rossabi
The Yoga Cafe

“Felicia Brown brings her clients the unique perspective of business owner as well as consultant. Her knowledge gained from opening, owning and developing a successful spa brings her clients confidence and experience, Felicia has added a significant amount of professional training and education to her hands-on experience. This combination gives her clients the best of balance between the theory and practical aspects of managing a spa business.”

Monte Zwang
Wellness Capital Management

“Felicia is a great teacher. The information provided has been extremely helpful to me in building and sustaining my business.”

Stephenie Brinkley
Kneaded Touch Therapy

"My experience with Felicia Brown was very valuable and educational. She helped me get organized during the process of selling my Physical Therapy/Massage Therapy practice and made me feel supported, informed and encouraged throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend Felicia and would not hesitate to utilize her again for future consultation needs."

Leah Darling
Physical Therapist

“Felicia is an amazing coach who is able to see through one’s personal nebula to help you achieve clarity and focus.”

Jordan Bressler
Leapfrog PR, Marketing & Design

"Felicia helped me immediately realize what I needed to do and not do in order to have a successful massage business.  I didn’t realize I had very limiting views and business practices until I consulted with Felicia.  She certainly helped me see the whole picture.   Her knowledge, personal experience and desire to help people clearly comes through in her sessions.   I highly recommend Felicia’s services to anyone even thinking of starting their own spa and/or massage business."

Michele Rabinowitz, LMBT
Massage by Michelle

“Felicia is a wonderful motivator and her skills at coaching have helped me move forward in marketing my business in a professional manner.  Her ability to give me just the right amount of homework and to ask when I could get it done are very powerful things.  I have accomplished more than I thought I could in the last month. Thank you!”

Shawn Hammond, LMBT
The Peace Within Massage Therapy

“You have been wonderful to work with.  You have great ideas and are always very encouraging.  Even for someone like myself, just starting out, you make me feel important and worth your time!  As a very small fish in the sea, it is great to know I have a ‘big fish’ to help me grow my business.  I look forward to having your continued support and having your help as I grow my business.”

Alyssia Hawkins, LMT
Massage by Alyssia

"By working with Spalutions, I have a fresh mindset and attitude relating to marketing the services of JMTS.  I’ve learned that in my marketing literature and verbiage I need to keep things simple to relate to potential clients. My sessions with Felicia have also created an accountability factor that keeps me on track in accomplishing marketing tasks. It’s also comforting to have the entrepreneurial wisdom of Spalutions to validate and enhance our marketing ideas.  Partnering with Spalutions has let our marketing genie out of the bottle!"

James Moore
James Moore Technology Services

“Working with Spalutions has been a wonderful experience. Felicia’s guidance and patience is to be commended. I felt she was always very present in our conversations. Even when I felt frustrated she was there to encourage me always reminding me of the things I do well and helping me with the things I found difficult. I plan on using Spalutions in the future any time I am ready to make the next step in my business. It has been a pleasure working with Felicia and Spalutions.”

Kyra Russell, LMBT
Life Enrichment with Kyra/Ki Inc

“Felicia’s knowledge of the spa industry is infinite. She has high-integrity and is detail-oriented.”

Fiona McCloud
Skin~Face~Body Esthetics

“Felicia is an excellent writer. She engages her readers and provides information that is practical. It is clear that she is extremely knowledgeable about business operations and marketing. It was a pleasure working with her when I was the Business Editor for the Massage Therapy Journal. To this day, whenever I see Felicia’s name attached to an article or blog, I read it.”

Cherie Sohnen-Moe
Sohnen-Moe Associates

“Being an expert in her field, Felicia consistently delivers the utmost professionalism. I had the pleasure of coordinating a live TV remote for Felicia on a local morning show. She handled herself with a high amount of professionalism, poise, and enthusiasm. I highly recommend Felicia for future media appearances or any speaking opportunity.”

Deborah Bryant
Bryant Marketing

"Felicia is the first person who comes to mind when I am planning a wellness event, and with great confidence. Her presentation was an inspiration of hope, wellness, self-determination and resilience. I recommend her as a speaker for health and wellness programs and events." 
Damie Jackson-Diop 
Advance Level Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Facilitator 

Member, North Carolina Mental Health Planning Council