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"Action is the foundational
key to all success."

~ Pablo Picasso

Business, Marketing & Life Coach

Felicia works primarily with service-based, heart-centered, entrepreneurs and massage, spa, and wellness professionals who are ready to take action to grow their business, clientele, profits and personal satisfaction.

Massage, Spa & Wellness Expert

An award-winning massage therapist, spa owner, consultant and educator with more than 27 years of experience, Felicia's knowledge and connections within the massage, spa and wellness industry provide a strong foundation to help you reach your goals. 

Speaker & Author

Passionate about helping others succeed, Felicia brings enthusiasm and authenticity to every stage,  page and podcast. She loves sharing knowledge and ideas about business, healing and life.

Are you ready to take action?

Whether you are building a your business or practice from scratch; planning to expand into a new market, or wanting to refine/redefine your clientele,  working with Felicia as a coach  will help you move towards whatever goals you set more quickly and effectively. Options include one-on-one coaching; through her library of online and  home study courses; or through her books.


Are you a "giver?"

Many business owners and other "givers" including wellness or healthcare providers, teachers, parents and other caregivers take care of others to the detriment of themselves and their wellbeing. Wired to put others first, they sacrifice their own well-being and happiness until there is nothing left. 

It's time to put yourself on your priority list!  

What the Duck?! Has Felicia Quacked Up?

In a word, YES! During the adventure of 2020, Felicia found an unexpected avenue for pandemic creativity and coping - racing rubber ducks!
Soon, she was feeling more connected to joy and happiness than ever, thanks to The Dream Team Ducks (pictured) and the rest of the flock.

Felicia and others have been surprised to learn what wise-yet-comical teachers the ducks are. Some of their light-hearted tips for successful living (and athletic prowess) have been shared via social media, at speaking engagements, in magazine articles and books - and even TV!

Watch the Latest Rubber Duck Race!