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Passion, Priorities, & Your Perfect Business

Online Master Class with Felicia Brown

Passion, Priorities, and Your Perfect Business is a one-hour online master class designed to empower aspiring heart-centered, service-based business professionals, owners, and entrepreneurs (massage, spa, salon, skincare, nails, yoga, fitness, wellness, acupuncture, artists, designers, etc.) with essential mindset tools and strategies for building a successful business driven by passion and strategic priorities. Led by Business, Marketing & Mindset Coach, Felicia Brown, this master class provides participants with actionable insights and practical guidance on how to identify their true passions and priorities, and align them to create their ideal business.


​Whether you're a budding solopreneur or a seasoned entrepreneur, Passion, Priorities, and Your Perfect Business offers invaluable wisdom and insights to help you unlock your full potential and achieve lasting success. Join Felicia for this transformative online master class and take the first step towards creating or reinventing your perfect business.

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We'll meet for 1 hour on April 29th at
1 PM Eastern
12:00 PM Central / 11:00 AM Mountain / 10:00 AM Pacific

This Master Class Is for anyone who is...

Business Plan
Planning to start, re-start, re-invent or expand their business
Searching for inspiration, motivation, and excitement as an owner/practitioner
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Willing to listen to their intuition, gut feelings and inner voice
Product Inventory
Considering bringing in or working with new services or products
Reading Map
Looking to simplify planning, acting, and decision-making
Watering House Plants
Ready to shift to a positive, prosperity and abundance-based mindset 
Considering or in the process of adding new people to their team
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Wanting to connect more deeply with clients and/or your team
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Considering working with Felicia as a coach and mentor

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Those who attend will also receive special offers on Felicia's upcoming programs and more, so be sure to sign up and tune in!

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