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Reflecting on a Trip I Didn't Plan

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Jamaica Pond, whose beauty enticed me to come back to Jamaica Plain

When I set out on this road trip almost 4 weeks ago, I had a completely different plan for this leg of the trip in mind than what has happened.

I'm OK with where everything is but thought I'd share a couple of updates.

When I got to Boston, I had a rental car for 2 days with the plan of finding a "new to me" convertible in those 2 days and making a purchase. I didn't find what I was looking for, but determined what my ultimate vehicle choice was going to be, an Audi S5.

Audi S5 Convertible not yet in my possession

However before I could go and find "the one", I came down with the worst case of food poisoning I've ever had and was in bed for most of the next 5 days. It was cathartic in a way and allowed me to rest more deeply than I have in years. It also set me behind about a week in my car acquisition, yet I found the perfect car! It is gorgeous and has been extremely well-cared-for. Pictures do not do it justice but I'm sure I will share many more. I'm super excited!

Interestingly buying a car out of state comes with a variety of challenges I wasn't expecting. This is even more so the case with a private seller than a dealership but it would all be different than just buying a car in North Carolina.

I've spent the last few days navigating financing and titles in ways never experienced before. It's been quite an adventure! However, the car is still with the seller until we make it through the process which may take awhile.

Since I don't have the convertible yet and can't drive around all the scenic locations in the way I imagined, I also simplified my trip quite a bit. Once I wrap up my house sitting/pet sitting duties here I'm going to Portland, Maine for a few days - in a rental car.

Traffic stopping flowers in a traffic circle near The Emerald Necklace

On the way I'm going to get to meet an author friend who I know through Facebook and a Podcast we were on together. Once I get there I'm going to celebrate the birthday of my very 1st roommate and dear friend and connect with a classmate from my Asheville Yoga Center teacher training program. I'm also planning to connect with some local bookstores and libraries to set up readings and book signings for the Spring. I may even visit a consulting client a couple of hours north on the coast.

Then I will probably come back to Boston for a few days longer than planned until I head West en route to speak at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference in Las Vegas. I'm excited to meet up with a long-distance running buddy for a run and breakfast; network and connect with colleagues and others; and see all the people who come to my classes.

And then? I had a plan, but it was predicated on my convertible being in my possession by now. I really believe I'm gonna have it before it's time for me to go to Vegas. But if I don't then my plans as scheduled don't work.

Rather than panicking or being upset, I have decided to adopt the mindset that I'm open to all the possibilities of what can happen. The adventure I've been on here is completely different than what I thought it would be but it has all still been a great experience.

Felicia & The Dream Team Ducks on a run at Ohlmsted Park

How was food poisoning a great experience?
  • I'm in a beautiful apartment with a comfortable bed and quiet surroundings.

  • I had Instacart delivery. (If you don't use it, here's your chance to save up to $50 to do so. What a lifesaver!)

  • I had everything I needed as well as space and privacy to go through the yuck of it.

  • I was able to slow down and rest without feeling guilty or bad about it.

  • It also allowed me the space to make changes to my diet I have been resisting. I wasn't eating an unhealthy diet, but perhaps wasn't eating the best foods for my body. Now I've made some changes that honor it in a way I never have. I can definitely tell a difference.

How has not getting my car been a great experience?
  • I've learned how to utilize Kyte - a rental car delivery service - as well as Zipcar.

  • I have upleveled my expectations/plans for future rental cars and other areas of travel.

  • I have learned a tremendous amount about buying a car out of state.

  • I've had the chance to exercise and strengthen my belief that everything happens exactly as it should in the perfect time.

  • By being in this neighborhood and city more, I've learned how to find my way around pretty well and feel more comfortable here than if I was taking day trips somewhere else every day.

  • I've engaged my creative thinking and problem solving skills in trying to figure out how to get the car into my possession and legally drivable as soon as possible.

  • I had a very rewarding conversation with an old friend about the above car issues and really enjoyed catching up for the first time in years.

  • I've had unexpected time to work, making the money needed to finance this trip.

So how's my road trip around New England in a convertible going? Fantastic - maybe even BECAUSE I had food poisoning and don't have the convertible and the trip is vastly different than what I'd planned. I'm truly grateful for every moment and step on this intuitively guided journey and look forward to whatever comes next!

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