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How often have you thought, "I don’t fit in," or "Why is my life so bad?" or "I must be crazy."? Dare you question your religious upbringing or why bad things happen? Have you been told or felt a demon lives within you? Are you about to make a big choice in life, but perhaps you are afraid? Has your child ever made you cry, shocked you, or even told you they are transgender?


Each story provides an opportunity for the reader to understand what an awakening is in life and how others had a breakthrough with their challenges:

Beckoning Harmony is like a cry from the soul. Something pushes one to see life differently and to make positive changes.
Prolific Self Love challenges us to look at the indoctrination in our life and decide if it truly supports our journey.
On the Outside Looking Within introduces how one author trusted her intuition more fully and gain more confidence in her life
Quacking Up happens when depression hits so hard you must listen to what is awakening inside. During 2020, Covid19 provided opportunities to see life differently. Enjoy this take on life.
This One Vessel, the day we awaken to realize we are a vessel, here to serve, heal our addictions and find the passion that lives within to help others.
Two Spirted a parent's journey through feeling confused during her teen's gender decision. Native American wisdom gave her insight into understanding why children are choosing to be transgender.
The Symphony is a complex orchestration of dis-associative identity disorder and how a gifted soul comes to own everything society attempted to eliminate
Go Ahead, Kill Me, is a suspenseful thriller about heroin addiction and prostitution. It keeps you on the edge of your seat until eventually, you are cheering on this heroine.


"In Quacking Up, Felicia reminds us that everything is a teacher and we can learn the best life lessons when we aren't taking things too seriously. Somehow Felicia struck the perfect chord of silly and poignant. I related to "Uni" feeling like an outsider "being a Unicorn in a Duck's world" and found myself simultaneously laughing and tearing up hearing his feelings. I think all of us type-A entrepreneurs need this reminder to stop taking ourselves so seriously and reconnect to the joy of the simple and silly."
- Alisha Wielfaert, Founder of Yoke and Abundance

Break Through: Wisdom of the Soul

SKU: 978-1734965551
  •  Gloria Coppola (Author), Siobhan Morse (Author), Felicia Brown (Author), Amy Parris (Author), Theresa Neale (Author), Sue Lapp (Author), Daphne Weinheimer McIntosh (Author), Keri Powe (Author), Phyllis Lamattina (Author)

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