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“Let’s have a party or event!”


Ever had this thought as an idea to boost your marketing and maybe attract new clients to your massage practice, wellness center, day spa, or medical spa? Well, you are on the right track. When well planned and marketed, a customer appreciation, open house, or educational seminar can be a great way to generate some buzz and additional income.


However, events created without planning are not likely to generate media interest or extra sales. In fact, they can be quite costly in terms of time, money, and resources when done incorrectly. This guide will help you prepare for all the facets and factors that need to be considered when scheduling an event for or in your business. Here is the checklist of activities and decisions to consider in the weeks prior to a marketing event for your salon, day spa, or medical spa.


If you need help with your event, visit the Sessions page on my website to schedule a one-on-one coaching session.


This guide is available in the form of a digital PDF that you can use digitally or print as a hardcopy.

Event Planning Guide

  • PDF

  • Felicia Brown

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