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The Sunflower Princess: A Healing Fairy Tale tells a lyrical story about a little seed that has been unexpectedly swept away from her familiar world into one of difficult times and isolation. Through her journey, she learns to have hope and, eventually, “to grow and bloom like no other.” The lessons from the story will speak to almost anyone who has dealt with loss, grief, depression, addiction/addiction, isolation, illness and many other life or personal challenges.


Described by one reader as “a wonderful tool to achieve harmony within” and “a thoughtful & magical gift for a friend or family member in need of meaningful healing” this book was written with adults in mind, but is totally appropriate for children of all ages. The book is intended to bring the reader healing, hope and inspiration to move forward.

The Sunflower Princess: A Healing Fairy Tale

SKU: 978-1491091388
  • Felicia Brown

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