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Sell More Gift Certificates by Making it EASY to buy

The holiday shopping season is almost here! With Black Friday and Thanksgiving just around the corner, holiday gift-giving and buying will soon begin. With that, I'd like to arm you with ONE big idea to help you prepare for improving your holiday gift certificate sales.

Make Gift Certificates available and easy for clients to buy! Make sure your clients are aware that you sell gift certificates in-house and online. Place a few tasteful signs or counter cards throughout your office offering them as an option all year. Add a link or purchase button on your website, social media pages, and in any emails you send to clients.

From mid-November to the end of December, ask every client you work with if they need to purchase gift certificates for the holidays. Do this in the same way you would ask them if they want to reschedule their next appointment or buy another package of sessions.

This practice is very common during the holidays and your clients will most likely not be upset by the question. Think about your last visit to McDonald’s. Were you upset when they asked you if you wanted fries with your burger or if you wanted a combo meal? No. You either said yes or no and completed your transaction.

Here's a sample script to use as a guide:

You: “How did you enjoy your massage today, Jennifer?”

Client: “My massage was great.”

You: “Well I am so glad! Would you like to schedule another appointment while you’re here?”

Client: “Sure. Can I get a 90 Minute Hot Stone Massage next Friday at 2 pm?”

You: Absolutely. I’ve got you down. Do you need any gift certificates today?”

Client: “Now that you mention it, I do want to give something to my daughter’s soccer coach for the holidays. Let me get a $50 gift certificate.

You: “Here is your certificate, Jennifer. Let me also give you a flyer with all of our holiday specials on it.

Client: “Wow that looks great. I’m definitely going to tell my husband about the Three Session Massage package so that he can get it for me this year.”

When clients aren't ready to buy a certificate at the time of checkout, let them know if certificates are available by phone or if there are other options to make a purchase easy, such as free delivery. You can also direct clients who call about gift certificates to your website for a complete listing of all services and packages available as well as to purchase online gift certificates.

Selling gift certificates is a great way to grow your clientele in any service-based business - and provides a wonderful gift to someone in need of self-care. Doing a little extra to make the process easy on clients will bring positive results to you both. What a gift!

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